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Everything Dies: A Zombie Apocalypse – Free


The outbreak killed many and forced the rest to evacuate towns and cities. In the Midwestern United States, a refugee camp shelters hundreds of survivors from the harsh reality of the new world. But how safe are they? Some suspect that their military overseers aren’t being completely honest with them. Others know more than they are willing to admit.

The Graham family are about to have any semblance of security ripped away. Together with their new found allies, they will have to learn how to survive in the realm of the dead, where there’s nowhere to hide and human flesh has become the ultimate prize.

Season one of this terrifying and bleak zombie apocalypse series contains eight episodes.

Maverick Gambit ( A Space Adventure) – Free

Knox defends his own.

Space is a deadly business, a truth Knox has experienced first hand. That’s why he’s so protective of his ship and family. So when pirates plunder an impoverished town–a town that’s earned Knox’s guarded friendship–he’s going to do something about it.

Knox knows the pillagers will be back for more, so his town needs protection from any and all pirates, for years to come. Only one way to do that. His friends need shields to keep their town and children safe, and Knox will get those shields. Even if he has to steal them.

Knox devises a carefully crafted plan and hires the perfect crew. He’ll “borrow” from Caravan Suppliers—the Goliath of space shipping—a company that can afford to lose an expensive shield generator. No one will know he was there. Unfortunately, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Caravan Suppliers has a dirty slave habit, and they’ll kill to keep it secret. When Knox stumbles onto it, he endangers his crew and his family. Will this mission cost Knox more than he’s willing to pay?

From debut author Marjorie King, Maverick Gambit is the first book in the Maverick Universe. With a layered galaxy full of rich characters, twists, and space battles, it’s perfect for fans of Timothy Zahn and Isaac Asimov.

Recruit: Fast-Paced Space Marine Scifi – Free

Desperate to escape a life of poverty on his desolate home planet, Ryck Lysander enlists in the United Federation Marine Corps, hoping to make a better future for himself.

However, Ryck soon discovers that the Corps is more than a means of escaping his former life as he is pushed beyond the very limits of his strength and willpower.

From bootcamp brawls to skirmishes with galactic pirates, Ryck’s new life presents him with unimaginable adventures and forces him to prove his mettle as he forges his new identity and fights to earn his place as one of the Brotherhood of Marines.

Night of the Shadow Moon: An Epic Fantasy Adventure – Kindle Unlimited
Night of the Shadow Moon

Jael’s desperation to save Eadmund from Evaine’s spell leads her back to the place of her nightmares.

She quickly discovers that she is trapped, and The Following is closing in.

In Hest, Jaeger is hungry for power and vengeance, making an enemy of Berard, who is forced to confront the truth of what his brother has become as he tries to save Meena from Jaeger’s clutches.

Determined to exact his long-dreamed-of revenge, Ivaar plots his return to Oss to destroy Eadmund and capture the throne at last.

On the road again, Aleksander is visited in his dreams by the Widow, but will he heed her warnings in time?

And as furious storms batter Osterland, and the kingdoms scramble to protect themselves from familiar enemies, the true danger emerges from the shadows, ready to destroy them all.

Night of the Shadow Moon is the third book in The Furyck Saga: a gripping epic fantasy series that takes you into a richly-woven world of warring kingdoms, mysterious dreamers, dark magic, and an ancient prophecy that emerges from the shadows to weave a dangerous web around them all…

Embustero: Gripping Scifi (Space Opera) – Free Until 3rd July 2022

Bad luck brought Shadrack and his crew to Nivia; desperation kept them there…

They ran honest cargo when they could; they stooped to poaching and petty larceny when they had to—or when it was convenient—until they put together a stake large enough to pay their way back to legitimacy. When they stumbled on a man near-frozen to death in the middle of Nivia’s largest nature preserve, where no human had any legitimate reason to be, they had a choice: save him, or leave him to the elements. Bringing him aboard might be risky, but how much trouble could one sick and injured local possibly be?

The Nivian authorities and their criminal accomplices wanted Terson Reilly dead—and nearly made him so. Instead he found himself an unwilling guest aboard a grubby freighter with a neurotic crew that seemed to have nearly as many secrets as he did. Terson just wanted to ignore what he’d seen, forget what he’d done, and vanish among Nivia’s vast asteroid mining population. But the Embustero’s captain decided he could use a man with Terson Reilly’s talents, even if he didn’t fully understand what the cost to his ship and his crew might be.

Halsor Tennison had greater concerns than a missing and presumably dead Terson Reilly. The Family’s criminal enterprise on Nivia was near collapse, thanks to his own rash temper. His mother demanded the death of his Minzoku mistress, Dayuki, while his scheming cousin and her father aimed to force him into a marriage he didn’t want. Hal didn’t think circumstances could be much worse until a vital shipment vanished in transit, revealing a suspicious tramp freighter that just happened to have been in Nivia’s orbit at the same time Terson Reilly vanished…

Scary Mary – Free

The dead speak to her. She wishes they’d shut up.

Mary has always been different. She’d like to be normal, but being able to hear ghosts means she’ll never be like everyone else. She starts her junior year of high school hoping to be left alone, but Cyrus Asher is new and doesn’t know or seem to care that she’s a freak. They start hanging out and all is well until she goes over to his house. Cy’s house is haunted, and not by Casper, the friendly ghost.

But it’s not the ghost that ruins the evening. That honor belongs to Vicky “The Hickey” Nelson with her borrowed Ouija board and stuck-up friends. They make Mary so angry that she uses the ghost to scare everybody, including Cy. He throws her out and Mary thinks she’s lost whatever chance she had with him. But there’s still the ghost to deal with. He’s nasty, mean, and possibly homicidal. Mary has to get rid of the ghost or Cy and his family could be hurt. Or worse.

Huntress Found: A Romantic Fantasy – Free
Huntress Found

From the author of the bestselling Zyan Star fantasy series comes a new world of magic …

Evryn’s got mad skills at playing hide and seek. She can find lost children, hack the most secure databases, pretty much anything. Except for the one thing she desires most: the knowledge of who her parents are, why they abandoned her, and what her special talent means about who and what she really is.

So, when a guy named Seeker appears quite literally out of nowhere, claiming to know about her past and offering her a job, Evryn can’t say yes fast enough. Even if it does mean following him to another realm. As in, mind-blowingly, not Earth. Apparently she’s part of an elite clan of Hunters descending from Artemis who can find just about anything in all of time and space. As the last of Artemis’ direct lineage, Evryn is her clan’s best shot at finding a lost city before rival clans do.

Not just any city, but the flying, realm-hopping city of Skye. Aboard Skye is the Artifex, a magical device with the power to create or destroy worlds. Everyone wants the device, and with Evryn’s super-powered lineage, it means everyone wants her, too. It’s hard to decide who she can trust, even within her own clan. After she discovers a strange, alluring connection to the Artifex, she’s not even sure she can trust herself. Worse yet, the only person who may be able to help her is the Timekeeper, the sadistic ancient being who created the Artifex. An interdimensional war is brewing, and Evryn is right at the epicenter of it all.

Let the hunt begin.

The Zombie Chronicles (Book 1) – Free

Readers who love horror, zombies, and action-based survival stories will love this gripping YA adventure.

Our tale begins when Val is bitten by a zombie and scheduled for lethal injection. Breaking all the rules, eighteen year old, Dean Walters snags an experimental serum. But it can’t be tested until Val turns into a zombie: something authorities won’t allow. Her execution is scheduled to happen before transformation is complete, giving Dean only hours to break her out.

When their helicopter crashes straight into the heart of Zombie Land, his rescue mission becomes a fight for survival…and giving up on Val is NOT an option.

This book is a free download featuring lots of zombies, adventure, and horror during the zombie apocalypse in a post-apocalyptic world.

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