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Which Way is Success?

Once upon a time, a certain young man travelled to a distant land in order to seek the counsel of a famous recluse. After a long journey, the young man was delighted to eventually discover the wise old sage sitting silently near a babbling stream. As the young man sat, the old man smiled and looked deep into the eyes of the traveller.

“Which way is success?” asked the young man.

But, the wise old man did not speak. Instead, he pointed toward the horizon, to some place far away.

The young man, delighted to have received an answer, thanked the guru and took off in the appropriate direction. But, after he had travelled only a short way, there was a loud noise – a kind of “splat!”  Eventually, the man staggered back into the view of the old sage, surprised and a bit bruised too. Assuming he must have misunderstood the instruction, he repeated his question. The guru again pointed silently toward to the same spot in the distance.

Somewhat puzzled, the traveller walked slowly away but, after a little time, there was another loud noise. The young man slowly crawled back, bewildered, hurt, and angry too. “Hey” he shouted at the old sage, “I thought you were supposed to know the way, but your directions seem a little faulty to me because, every time I follow them, I get wiped out! Will you stop all of this pointing and talk?”

Only then did the wise old man speak, and what he said was this: “Success is that way my friend, but it is a little further on than the splat!”

Story taken from The 7 Keys to Success, available free at all major stores.

Don’t Waste Your Thinking Power

Most people, according to Napoleon Hill, waste their thinking power in ‘spasmodic’ and ‘purposeless’ thought. In introducing the idea of having a major definite purpose in life, he is determined to get people to understand where purposeless thought ultimately leads, and what needs to be done in order to avoid the destination to which most people are aimlessly drifting.

There have been many times that I have heard or read the statistic that 95% of people fail to achieve what they themselves would define as success. Much of the success literature I have read over the years has made the point that, to leave the 95% and join the 5% of people who succeed, it requires a different kind of thinking and the habit of taking actions that are congruent with the desire to succeed. I had often wondered where that 95% figure came from prior to finding it in the writings of Napoleon Hill.

By the way, he does also state that successful people also generally fail or get very close to failure on the route to success. But the difference is that they stay focused on their definite chief aim, they adjust their plans and persist until they succeed. So are you in the 95% or are you in the 5%?

Taken from Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret, book available free from all major stores.

What Does Success Mean to You?

Many texts on the subject of success begin by offering a definition of the term or by encouraging the reader to think about what success might mean to the individual. There is nothing wrong with that, at all. It is naturally a good idea to properly define a goal before beginning to work towards achieving it.

However, real satisfaction comes not from achieving goals for their own sake, but by making a contribution to society as a whole; by finding the one thing that really gets you excited, engages your talents and rewards you financially. Something that is truly worthy of your time and energy, that you enjoy doing; something you can take pride in doing, that makes you feel good. We believe that not only does such a thing exist, it is actually the reason you were born: to find and fulfil your life-purpose.

Taken from The 7 Keys to Success, book available free from all major stores.

Available in eBook format (free), Paperback, and Audio (free with Audible trial).

Carnegie’s Secret Weapon

An important principle is the ‘master mind’ concept, that when a small number of people are focused upon some common goal, provided that they are in a state of perfect harmony, a super-consciousness is created. This super-consciousness, known as the master mind, can then be accessed by each of the people in the group for the purpose of receiving ideas and inspiration from the other people in the group.

Right here we can immediately grasp Hill’s basic idea that thoughts can exist outside of the mind of those individuals that conceive them. They flow, like electricity, and they have the ability to affect the thinking of other people. Hill says that he was unable to find reference to this concept in textbooks and essays on the human mind. It’s quite an astonishing notion!

However, the idea that some kind of mental internet or cosmic consciousness exists has certainly been around for a long time. Perhaps, this is not exactly the same thing as the master mind concept, but it is certainly in the same territory. Furthermore, I can also remember someone, at some time, referencing the remarks of Jesus, “when two or three are gathered together, there am I in the midst” (Matt 18:20) as providing support for this essentially spiritual idea.

Napoleon Hill’s study and attempt to come up with a complete philosophy of success was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie. It is on record that Hill learned about the master mind idea directly from Andrew Carnegie and, in the first chapter of Hill’s book The Laws of Success in 16 Lessons, he states that the ability to group people together for the purpose of benefitting from the master mind was actually Carnegie’s secret weapon.

Taken from Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret, available free from all major stores.

Rudy’s Goal and How the Universe Helped to Achieve it!

As an example of this principle in action, let’s take a brief look at the true story of Rudy Ruettiger. You may know that Rudy had a dream. His dream – now the subject of a truly inspiring movie – was to play football (American) for Notre Dame. Everyone told him it couldn’t be done. But this is how the universe helped him to achieve his dream.

When Rudy was 22 years old, one of his friends bought a Notre Dame jacket for him. Rudy recalls that, on his birthday, when his friend presented it, he commented, ‘Rudy, you were born to wear this jacket!’ These words somehow touched his heart and he resolved, there and then, to do something about it. So he took a bus en route to South Bend, Indiana, with the specific goal of meeting the Notre Dame Championship football coach, Ara Parseghian, to discuss the matter further.

It turned out that Rudy needed to improve his grades before he could even be considered for Notre Dame, which he did by attending Holly Cross Junior College. Unable to find suitable accommodation, he slept in the maintenance room, and after numerous applications and trials, he was finally accepted by Notre Dame and eventually made the football team as a walk-on.

Rudy was not really considered good enough to play for the team, but he never missed a practice match and was there, suited-up during the final game of his senior year. Now, many people in the crowd knew of Rudy’s goal to play for the team and in the final minutes of the last game, the crowd started chanting: Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Coach Dan Devine was so moved that he put him into the game in the last 27 seconds and, in the final play, he sacked the quarterback. Rudy was then carried off the field in triumph, on the shoulders of his team-mates.

When you carry your own dream within, you too will be able to touch the hearts and minds of the people around you in much the same way and it is a truly wonderful and uplifting experience when you find out for yourself that the universe does indeed help you to achieve your goal.

Taken from The 7 Keys to Success, book available free from all major stores.

Available in eBook format (free), Paperback, and Audio (free with Audible trial).

You are Stronger than You Think

In your journey to success, you will need to be resilient and persistent, especially at those times when everything might seem hopeless.

You need to learn how to access that inner strength that you definitely possess, that makes you stronger than you think. Always remember that, as Pooh says in the Disney movie Pooh’s Grand Adventure, “you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Taken from The 7 Keys to Success, book available free from all major stores.

Available in eBook format (free), Paperback, and Audio (free with Audible trial).

You are an Eagle!
Eagle in Flight

Once upon a time, a poultry farmer placed an eagle’s egg in amongst his chickens to see what would happen. One of the chickens sat on the egg and nurtured it until, one day, it hatched and an eaglet was born. It grew up with the other chickens in the farmyard, scratching about and pecking at the earth.

One day, the young eagle caught sight of a magnificent bird confidently soaring high in the sky, and he turned to an old rooster.

“What kind of bird is that?” he asked.

The old bird said, “that is an eagle, the most powerful bird in the land.”

“I wish I could soar like that,” the eagle said.

“But you can’t,” replied the rooster. “He is an eagle and we are just chickens.”

And so, the eagle went back to scratching the ground and he lived the rest of his life like a chicken, for that is what he believed he was.

My friend, you are an eagle! You were born to fly, you are destined to soar. You are called to achieve something important with your life. Don’t waste your opportunity.

Story taken from The 7 Keys to Success, book available free from all major stores.

What Kind of Person are You?

You may have heard that there are three kinds of people in the world: those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. It is a good idea to evaluate, to which of those groups you belong. Of course, if you have internalized the habit of being proactive, you will be in the first group (make things happen). If you are not yet in the first group, there’s still room enough for you.

Taken from Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret, book available (free) in eBook format from all major stores.

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Success Quotes

Taken from The 7 Keys to Success

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” - Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele)

“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” - Thomas A. Edison

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” - Robert Kiyosaki